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Plan your Wedding Music, Step by Step


• This process will take you through each part of the wedding where music is performed.
• You will have the opportunity to listen to sound samples of suggested music.
• As you go through each section, it will be helpful for you to write down the titles of the pieces you liked.
• You can download a form on which to write your selections and send them to the music staff, or you can email your choices.
• Don't worry if you are not sure what music you would like for each section, you always decide later.
• The FAQ page answers many questions such as "can my friend sing at my wedding?" and "do I need to hire a trumpet player?"
• All of the fees and policies are also explained in the FAQ section.
• If you still need help, you can contact the Music Director and arrange for a consultation by email, by phone, or in person.

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Is your wedding a full Mass (with communion) or a simple wedding ceremony (no communion)?


Musical selections are for private use in planning weddings at St. Mary of the Assumption, Brookline, MA. No public use of any kind is allowed.






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